Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carnegie Hall in NY have decorated with Japanese Flowers

Carnegie Hall, the center of US culture have decorated with Japanese Flowers.

We Bloom Japan Network and our Joint Venture partner Naniwa Flower Auction is cooperate together with Japanese top floral designer in NY Mr Kenji Takenaka (President of the Noir hanna international Inc, New York) and Kenji arranged Stage and VIP reception room using Japanese flowers.

It is the first time to make arrangement at Carnegie Hall at Opening Gara Concert in its long history and we became the first Japanese flower supplier for Carnegie Hall floral decoration.

The Kaki Engei Shinbun Newspaper also reported to Japan's flower industry about this news on the top page of newspaper.

Article of the Kaki Engei Shinbun Newspaper
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

US wholesale buyer visited to Japan

Our important customers in New York have visited to Japan.
We bring them to some of growers in Kochi Prefecture (Tweedia Blue Star, Gloriosa) and Miyazaki Prefecture (Sweet Pea) by small plain and also bring them to the Japan's largest pot plants auction nearby Nagoya by Shinkansen Supere Express Train.

They amazed about Japan's complicated farm management and also auction system.
We trust that it was good opportunity for them to understand Japanese flower industry and it will helps Japan's export promotion program.

Small plane flying to Miyazaki Prefecture from Osaka

Visit to Japan's largest pot plants auction 'Toyoake Kaki Co.,Ltd'

Sweet Pea Farm visit in Miyazaki

Tweedia Blue Star farm in Koch

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Dress Show in New York

Bloom Japan's flowers corroborated with America's top Wedding dress design company 'Junko Yoshioka' and floral design company 'Noir Hanna' in New York.

Our Japanese flowers have chosen by them and used in Wedding dress design show in New York. Now our flowers are displaying at Junko Yoshioka's show room and everybody surprising beautifulness and its quality.

Now we are promoting Japanese flowers in NYC's fashion industry and hope our flowers getting popular for high level peoples in New York...

For more information of Junko Yoshioka, please visit official website as follows,

Monday, October 19, 2009

We had a stand at Hortifair 2009 in Amsterdam, from 13th October to 16th October 2009 together with our partners.

This is the first time to hold a stand for Japanese cut flower export business at Hortifair and many potential buyers from all over Japan and also our exsisting buyers have visited our stand.

Many foreign buyers were surprised about Japanese flower's quality and varieties and it was so nice for us to promoote Japanese cut flowers, the finest quality in the world.

From November 11th to 13th, we'll also have a stand at IFEX (International Flower Expo in Tokyo/Makuhari Messe) .

This is also the first time for IFEX orgaization to join Japanese flower export orgaization and we hope we have many visitor to our stand at IFEX.

For more information about IFEX, please visit website,

Our stand at Hortifair 2009 in Amsterdam

Our stand at Hortifair 2009 in Amsterdam

Buyer's visit from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Buyer's visit from Russia

Many buyers in Middle East visited to our stand...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We supplied Japanese flowers to European Floral Designers for F1 Japanese Grand Prix

We have supplied the finest quality of Japanese flowers to European Floral Designer who is doing floral design at F1 Grand Prix throughout a year for F1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Our flowers have used for decoration at Paddock Club for VIP peoples and Paddock club and also pathway have decorated with huge amount of our Japanese flowers.

We are exporting flowers to overseas market and also supplying to foreign floral designer who want to organize event in Japan as foreign buyer cannot get buyer registration at Japanese auction. So now we also provide flower delivery service for foreign floral designer who want to do something (Event, flower demonstration and event etc...) in Japan.

If you are foreign floral designer and planing to organize event in Japan, please feel free to contact us. We'll provide you the best solution for you about flower supply & related services in Japan.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visit Our Stand at Horti Fair 2009 in Amsterdam & IFEX 2009 in Tokyo

We have intended to join 2 important international flower trade shows, Horti Fair 2009 in Amsterdam and also IFEX 2009 in Tokyo.

For more information, please visit following website.

-Horti Fair 2009 (in Amsterdam)

-IFEX 2009 (International Flower Expo in Tokyo)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our export service for USA market have introduced by Japan's nationwide TV station

Our export business have introduced on TV program by TV Tokyo, one of a nationwide key TV station in Japan.

To see TV program, please visit following official website provided by TV Tokyo.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our business in USA have introduced by 'Flower Shop' Magazine

Our business in United States have introduced by famous Japanese flower magazine so called 'Flower Shop' issued on June 1st 2009.

This article introduced our business in USA and also included comments by grower of 'Cryspy Wave, a special wavy Asplenium leaf and Ministry officer at Ministory of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishries about our USA export projects.

Our business introduced at 'Hanajikan' magazine

Our business activities in United States have introduced by famous japanese flower magazin so called 'Hanajikan' issued on June 1st 2009.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our project in New York have introduced by The Japan Agriculture Newspaper

Our project in New York togetether with Naniwa Flower Auction, the largest flower auction in western Japan (and 2nd largest cut flower auctin in Asia) have introduced by The Japan Agriculture Newspaper (Nihon Nogyo Shinbun).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Article at 'the Kaki-engei Shinbun' Newspaper

Our service for Sicilian Growers Association at Marunouchi Flower Weeks 2009/Japan Flower Festival 2009 in Tokyo have introduced on top article of 'The Kaki Engei Shinbun' newspaer.We support Sicilian Growers Association to promote their unique products in Japan at Marunouchi Flower Weeks / Japan Flower Festival 2009 and we got many inquiry for their unique items which grown in Sicily.