Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scene of Valentine's day

We had big shipment for overseas market on February 8th 2010.
It was for St. Valentine's day sales and also for Chinese New Year sales.

Huge number of Sweet Peas, Ranuncula, Tweedia and Gloriosa have shipped to overseas market e.g. USA, Hong Kong etc.

Especially for New York shipment, we had around 2TONS shipment on this day and we got huge order of Sweet Peas.

On last year, we didn't get such a big order from New York but thanks to our distributors in New York, this year's Valentine's day shipment was so much bigger than last year!

We also hold event in New York on January 25th 2010 and we displayed 237 varieties on this event.

For details of our Japanese flower promotion events in New York is available at following website,


Information for our Top 3 popular items are available at following website,

-Sweet Pea



Now Sweet Pea is in the highest season and we hope we are able to provide much wider destination in the world!

Sleeve changing works, we use special sleeve for Sweet Pea export

Drying & anti-vactelium chemical treatment process at drying & cooling room

Unpacked flower for New York Shipment

Russian buyer also checked quality of Japanese Sweet Peas for export

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our event in New York have introduced by Japanese Newspaper

Our Japanese flower promotion event in New York have closed successfully and The largest daily agriculture newspaper in Japan reported our event in New York so called 'Naniwa Flower Expo (NaniwaFEX) in New York'.

We displayed 237 varieties of Japanese flowers at this event, it was quite huge number of varieties!

The date of event was so bad wether condition, ultra heavy wind & heavy rain shower but over 100 buyers/floral designers from over 60 companies visited to our event. It was very nice event for us and also for our customer in New York to introduce 'Unknown' beautiful flowers from Japan.

For more details, please visit our official website for this event, please click following link!

Article of our event on top page of newspaper